The Office for Technological Transfer and Intellectual Property

Within The Oncology Institute “Prof Dr Ion Chiricuta” in Cluj-Napoca the objective of research is the concretization in actual technologies, products and innovative services that can solve complex social and economical problems, as well as the development of instruments to implement the technologies, products and services. The field of health is one of the most important innovative one and new discoveries in the last twenty years are making the technological transfer a great promise for cancer cure.

Among the major objectives and initiatives the attraction of research funds through national and international competition, the improvement of the scientific research activity, the consolidation of the research quality and of the international research environment, the transnational research and biomedicine, the development of the already existing research departments and the creation of new instruments to ease the fundamental and clinical research, as well as the protection of the academic research integrity.

The Office for Technological Transfer and Intellectual Property is an integrated part of the Department of Research, Development and Innovation and a support structure with attributions in the field of intellectual property. The Office was created to protect, manage and promote the intellectual property of the institute’s academic staff, researchers and doctoral and postdoctoral students.

The Office acts as an intermediary between the authors/researchers and The Office for Inventions and Trademarks(OSIM) that is the national authorities for patenting and its activity is based on the national and international regulations regarding the protection of the intellectual property (author rights, patents and trademarks).

The Department’s team is always available to offer its full support and knowledge to the institute’s staff, clinicians, researchers and students and to provide the following services:

consulting in the field of intellectual property protection: capitalization, publishing, patenting
assistance in patenting the inventions and registering the scientific results: technical and administrative support, facilitating the registration payments, monitoring of the patenting process
access to national and international patents/brands databases
assistance with the participation to different competitions and manifestations

In all the cases (author rights, patents and trademarks) there are allocated financial resources to cover the costs of registration, evaluation and release of the intellectual property. Even more, in order to stimulate and protect the intellectual creation activities, the Department developed certain evaluation criteria of the scientific research and each research contract with the National Management Authority includes of a specific section, which protects the original author rights and the intellectual property of the researchers.

The organizational measures thus reflect a new managerial concept regarding the importance of protecting the intellectual property.