Ambulatory care

The hospital ambulatory

This is where all ambulatory consults are being performed and the place where patients have their first contact with the Institute. The Policlinic is available for anyone who asks to be examined by a doctor, provided that they have the documentation mentioned before.
Ambulatory consults shall be performed in consulting rooms, that are located within various departments of the Institute, as is shown here :

I. Surgical specialties ambulatory
1. Oncologic surgery,
2. Oncologic gynecology,
3. Urology
4. ORL
Is located at the first floor of the Institute and offers 7 consulting rooms. Here, patients receive specialized consults in order to have a diagnosis set, as well as further therapy and a future schedule of consults.
Programme: Monday-Friday, 07.30 - 15.30

II. Radiotherapy ambulatory

Is available in 4 different locations:
• Consulting rooms within the technical radiotherapy department (at the new accelerator) – consults for: ORL, malignant lymphomas, soft parts sarcomas, pediatrical tumors, nervous system tumors, urological tumors, digestive tumors, pulmonary tumors. Programme: Monday-Friday, 07 – 22.
• Gynecology consulting rooms, located near the technical brachytherapy department.
• Gynecology consulting room, located near the mammary tumors center.
• Consulting room for thoracic pathology, located within the daytime hospital.

III. Medical oncology ambulatory

Is located within the daytime hospital.
The daytime hospital is located in the main clinical building of the Institute, at the ground floor. The easiest access is through Gate II, on Ion Creangă street.
It has two connected wings:
• the consult area –3 consulting rooms, the hall and a waiting room
• the treatment area - 3 wards (one with beds and two with chairs for chemotherapic treatment).
Programme: Monday-Friday, 07 - 15.
This department was developed to show that the Institute is preoccupied with being adapted to the most modern policies in the oncologic treatment.

IV. Mammary tumors ambulatory

Is located at the second level from the Medical Files office, and can be reached through the stairs on the left side of the entrance hall.
The mammary tumors center of the Institute offers consulting rooms at the ground floor and thr second floor, the mammary echography room and the mammography consulting room.

There are two types of consults:
• the preventive consult – a clinical consult, a mammography and, if necessary, an echography for patients older than 40. For patients aged under 40, unnecessary irraditation shall be avoided by only performing a clinical consult and an echography.
• the diagnostic consult – performed when patients notice changes in the breast structure and ask to be examined by a doctor. The diagnostic consult contains all procedures performed during the preventive consult, performed according to age.
In order to obtain a diagnostic certainty, a mammography and a biopsy are performed.
The result for a biopsy will be provided in up to two weeks.
Afterwards, the decision for treatment options shall be taken by the entire multidisciplinary team.

Programme: Monday-Friday, 08 – 14.