Designating a person of trust

While you are hospitalized you have the right to designate a person of trust (a relative or a friend), who can accompany you during the treatment and who can help you to take decisions. In the case your health condition restrains you from taking decisions, the person of trust can be contacted by the medical staff to obtain indications. Before any important investigation, the specifications of the person of trust will guide the physicians in the terapeutic choice.

Designating a person of trust
  • is not an obligation
  • has to be the result of your decision
  • it is made in written
  • can be revocable in any moment (in written)
  • can be replace by the designation of another person
  • it is valid for the period of your hospitalization, or for a longer period if you want that.

You have to announce the person you want as a person of trust, and to ask for her permission. Al the decisions you will take in this sens will be present in your pacient medical sheet. You have the freedom to decide what information is confidential to the person of trust, in this case you have to give specific details.