How to reach us

The Oncology Institute is located on Republicii street, nr. 34-36, at the intersection with Ion Creangă street.
Patients shall access the Institute through the entrance on Ion Creangă street.

By car:

Patients arriving by their personal means of transportation will be able to reach us very easily, by following the road signs indicating the Botanical Garden. The Institute is located right down the street from the Botanical Garden, if you arrive from up hill (city entrance from Sibiu, Târgu Mureş) or right before the Botanical Garden, on the same street, if you arrive from the city centre.

By taxi:
There are several taxi stations all across the city. It will be sufficient to point out the name of the Oncology Institute.

The persons attending patients who have motion difficulties or are difficult to transport can enter the Institute through it’s parking lot (on Ion Creangă street), at gate II.
At the same gate, you can make a request for wheelchairs during your visit, provided you guarantee for their return by leaving your personal identification data.
After transporting the patients, attendants are kindly asked to remove their vehicle from the Institute parking lot.
When the patient is released from the hospital, attendants are allowed to enter the parking lot once more, in order to help the patient.

Unfortunately, the Institute does not offer parking spots for patients and attendants, but there are several parking spots and guarded parkings nearby:
  • The City Hall parking lot
  • Parking spots on Ion Creangă street and the connected streets