Administrative steps

The first consultation at the Oncology Institute

You are in a comprehensive center that fights cancer. The first consultation will let us know more about your health, and the first set of analysis will lead us to a first diagnosis.

When you first arrive at the Institute you have to go to the Medical Files Office to get a Patient Medical Information Sheet. You will be asked for your personal information and you will receive labels with your personal code. These labels will be useful for the next visits, because we will find you faster in our data base. Once your medical file is ready, you are told it’s confidential and it contains all the medical data we have about you.

The doctor that will see you for the first consultation will make all the necessary investigation.

The consultation for a second opinion

If you were consulted by another physician and you want a second opinion, the Institute cannot give details about the medical condition at the telephone or on the internet, by reasons of medical confidentiality. We will make you an appointment to the specialist doctor, depending on your case.

The medical-administrative file in the Institute

Once you come to the Oncology Institute in Cluj, a confidential file is issued for you. All administrative and medical information, collected by the Institute personnel during your stay here, are registered in this file, by keeping the professional secret and the deontological rules.

Securised information system

The IOCN information system is a secure one, which can only be accessed by the IOCN personnel, under professional secret. Your file can be accessed only by the medical team that treats you.