Duration of project: March 1st 2011-November 30th, 2012
Granted by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research
Project Code SK-RO 0006-10471, contract no. 471/ 02.03.2011

Host institution: Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta Oncology Institute Cluj Napoca, 34-36 Republicii St, 400015 Cluj Napoca, Romania
Project director: Eva Fischer-Fodor, Ph.D., senior chemist

Partner institution: Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava Slovakian Slovakian project director: Dr. h.c. Prof. Ing. Ferdinand Devinsky, Dr.Sc
Kalinciakova 8, Bratislava 83232, Slovak Republic

Romanian research team:
Piroska Virag, Ph.D, senior biologist
Ioana Carmen Brie, MD, Ph.D. student
Otilia Barbos, MD, Ph.D. student

Slovakian research team:
Natalia Lucia Miklasova, Ph.D.
Pharm.Dr. Milos Lukac, Ph.D
RNDr. Roman Miklas, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Vladislav Habala, Ph.D.

General objectives of the project
Phase I: March 01, 2011- November 30, 2011
1. Evaluation of novel synthesized palladium complexes with curcumin ligands in vitro antiproliferative activity against various tumor cell lines, including human stem cell lines in order to establish their therapeutic potential.
Phase II: December 01, 2011- November 30, 2012
2. Assessment of biologic effect of novel synthesized alkylphosphocholines with antitumoral potential- testing on normal and tumoral cells, and study of immunomodulatory potential.

Results of project
At present the first phase of the project is ongoing, implicating the in vitro assessment of antiproliferative activity of novel synthesized curcumin-palladium complexes against various tumor cell lines using cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and molecular methods.
Romanian team completed 2 exchange visits and hosting of 2 Slovakian researchers is planned for 2011, between July-November 2011.

Possibilities of future cooperation
1. Manuscript elaborations and submissions to scientific editors. Scientific presentations at Romanian and Slovakian conferences;
2. Joint international project proposal writing.

Contact person: Dr. Eva Fischer-Fodor
Research Department
Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta Oncology Institute
34-36 Republicii Street, 400015 Cluj Napoca,Romania
Phone/Fax: 0264-439260, E-mail: