The Pharmacy

The pharmaceutical services of the Institute consist of several complex activities that concern the treatment of every patient, combined with the global activity of the institution.

These activities are:
- the prescription and management of medicine
- preparing the officinal and magistral medicine, preparing of cytotoxical medicine ready to be administered (in specially designed rooms, equipped with niches with laminar air flux to ensure sterile conditions for the preparation) after well established procedures;
- supply with useful information regarding medicine and practical-educational activities in the pharmacy;
- pharmacovigilance
- collaboration in clinical trials.

On a daily basis, the institute pharmacy prescribes medicine for approximately 600 patients.

The pharmacy personnel is of 20 pharmacists and senior technicians, pharmacy nurses and auxiliary personnel that functions as a team to ensure that each and every patient receives pharmaceutical care of the highest quality possible.

Modern medicine we use today are agents with complex structures, with powerful side effects, that must be handled with great care in order to ensure quick recovery and a better health. In what chemotherapy is concerned, the preparation of medicine is done by a new paradigm that envisions an approach regarding the patient and not one regarding the illness, as many healthcare systems tend to do.

Clinical pharmacists do more than just prescribe medicine. They are experts in thousands and thousand of medicine available today, they know what each and every one do in the human body and know how it must be used surely and efficiently, and they collaborate with the physicians in order to ensure the best treatment available.