The Operating department

Head of department: Dr. Florin Ignat
Head assistant: As. Ioana Păcurar
The Operating department is the department where surgery is performed and the staff is made up of surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and of radiologists and paediatric oncologists too.

The operating department is situated at the first floor of the Institute, after the Surgery I department. It is made up of 8 rooms:
  • an Ambulatory room
  • an Urology and an ORL room
  • 6 general surgery rooms

The operating rooms are equipped with anesthetics equipment, electric cautery, suction (biological products). The ORL and the Urology rooms have specific equipment: X-ray, cystoscope, head lamp, etc.

Before a surgical intervention, the anesthetist consults the patient and the patient is informed about the steps followed before surgery.

After surgery, the patient is taken to the Intensive Care Unit or to the Surgery departments