Scientific projects

National grants (CNCSIS, Academy)

1. Study of applicability of cytogenetic tests for prediction normal tissues radiosensitivity in patients subjected to radiotherapy, Romanian Academy grant, 2005-2006;
2. Biomarkers of radiosensitivity with predictive value for the treatment of cervix carcinoma, CNCSIS grant, 2006-2008.

PNCDI II Projects (Parteneriate, Idei etc)

1. Stem cells: implications in regeneration and tissue healing processes, STEMCELLS, CEEX module I, 2005-2008.
2. Studies on in vitro models and experimental tumors of the antioxidant effect of some natural products, PAOT, CEEX module I, 2005-2008.
3. Radiobiology – molecular mechanisms and implications in cancer therapy, RADMOLBIO, CEEX module III, 2006-2007.
4. Evaluation of cancer risk in population chronically exposed to heavy metals, RISCANMET, CEEX module I, 2005-2008.
5. Steroidal alkaloids from Solanaceae, triterpenes from Ericaceae and volatile oils from Laminaceae for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry, ASSTEUVLIFAC, CEEX module I, 2006-2007.
6. Study of the regeneration of inner ear sensorial epithelial cells prelevated from animals, MICROSCOP, CEEX module I, 2006-2008.
7. Porphyrin biocomposites used in photodynamic therapy of cutaneous malign tumors, PORFIDERM, CEEX module I, 2006-2008.
8. Placental stem cells, an alternative sourse for cell therapy, PLACSTEM, PNII, 2007-2010.
9. Molecular and cell medicine methods, with application in surgery and therapy of bone cancers, metastases and bone-joint lesions, OSMOCEL, PNII, 2007-2010.
10. Prediction of evolution and estimation of the response to therapy of the malignant tumors, by morphologic and hemodynamic modelling, using imagistic, mathematic and artificial intelligence techniques, ANGIOTUMOR, CEEX module I, 2006-2008.
11. In vitro identification of predicitve molecular markers of the response to treatment with oxaliplatin in colorectal cancers. Applications on in vivo models in translational research, PNII IDEI, 2009-2011.
12. Ascertaining the mechanism of fine-tuning of the immune response in the human tumor and inflammatory pathology in order to find innovative therapies, ERIC, PNII Parteneriate, 2008-2011.
13. Photochemoprevention with natural products in photoinduced epithelial cancers, CHEMPROTECT, PNII Parteneriate, 2008-2011.
14. Innovative procedures in reconstitutive surgery for cancer patients – composite tissue transplantation and the use of synthetic Bio-compatible materials, ONCOREC, PN II Parteneriate, 2006-2008.
15. Applications of innovative engineering tissue techniques in digestive tract pathology – a multidisciplinary approach, BIOINTECH, PNII Parteneriate, 2008-2011.
16. Biomedical applications of metal compounds, METALLOMICS, IDEI complexe, 2009-2011.
17. Modulation of radiotherapy effects in cervix carcinoma by using biologic compounds controlling molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis, ANGIOCOL, IDEI, 2009-2011.
18. Intratumoral hyperthermic chemotherapy conditioned by nanotechnology and associated with radiofrequency: effects and recurrence risks. A liver experimental model with colic tumor xenografts, IDEI, 2007-2010.
19. Modern molecular method of investigation based on neuronal biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of acute phase stroke, DIASTROKE, IDEI, 2009-2011.
20. Evaluation of the effects of themozolomide combined with anti-angiogenic factors on immortalized glioblastoma cell lines, IDEI, 2009-2011.
21. New biocompatible materials assigned to personalized implants produced by SLS and SLM, BIOMAPIM, IDEI complexe, 2009-2011.
22. Study of the ototoxic effect of chemoterapeutic agents on sensorial epithelial cells of the inner ear, using cell cultures prelevated from animals, IDEI, 2009-2011.
23. Role of costimulatory receptors in the fine tunning of the immune response. Mechanism of intervention, IDEI, 2009-2011.

International projects (PC6, PC7, others):

1. The effect of low-dose total body irradiation on the immune system, BILATHUROM, ANCS, bilateral cooperation, PNII, module III, 2008-2009.