Medical services

The Oncology Institute “Prof. Dr. I. Chiricuţă” Cluj-Napoca offers specialized medical consults in oncology, within the ambulatory unit of the hospital, as well as hospital care services, all of which are included in the framework-contract of medical services, drafted by the National Health Insurance system.

- Insured patients receive the following hospital care services: hospital medical care for pathologies that require hospitalization or for pathologies that require only daytime hospitalization.
- The hospital medical services are offered as:

1. continuous hospitalization medical services – a type of admission that includes preventive, curative, recuperative and paliative medical care during the entire process of case management.

2. medical services offered as daytime hospitalization – are an alternative to the continuous hospitalization, for those patients who do not need to be under medical supervision more than 12 hours; these services can be offered with or without an appointment.