About the Research Department


Through the mission and vision that were born here 80 years ago, the Oncology Institute “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta” has opened the path towards excellence in cancer research in Romania.
One of the most proficient cancer research departments in Romania has been developed here at the Oncology Institute, where scientific research is performed at the highest standards and new approaches in research are supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Consequently, we define the Mission of our scientific research as the promotion of ideas in the area of fundamental, clinical and translational research, all with the purpose of preventing and curing cancer. We support studies, projects, continuous formation and education, as well as the communication and cooperation in the fields of biology and cancer therapy.

By initiating programmes, research directions and facilities that are currently unique in Romania, the Oncology Institute encourages cancer research in the interdisciplinary biomedical fields as well. We support the dissemination of discoveries made by our doctors and researchers, which are related to cancer etiology, molecular mechanisms and elements that signal the evolution of the disease, as well as the identification of new therapeutical targets.
We promote continuous medical education and training programmes in different fields and specialties. We aim at hosting cooperating teams of experts from different research domains and we promote long-term cooperation at an institutional, national and international level, in order to attain the highest standards in research.

Our main scientific research directions are:
• promoting excellence in research;
• building an infrastructure that can support research studies, as well as opportunities for partners, cooperating bodies and other Romanian and foreign interested users;
• discovering new research domains in the fight against cancer, starting by understanding the human genome and the genetics of malignant cells and going on up to identifying new diagnostic methods or markers;
• using high performance technologies in order to attain scientific quality - that can be validated by internationally recognized publications – for all the studies that are validated and promoted in the Oncology Institute;
• strengthening the international cooperation;
• educating professionals in the field of scientific research;
• promoting and supporting a high-quality publication, dedicated to the national and international scientific community;
• the regular evaluation of scientific research results, achieved by the scientific research centers of the Oncology Institute.

All these define the main scientific research mission of the Oncology Institute –to create a true cooperation environment that aims at achieving understanding and knowledge about the biology and therapy of cancer.

Dr. Ioana Neagoe
Research and Development Coordinator



Organisational chart of the Department