Report in Facts and Figures IOCN


 The “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta” Institute of Oncology (IOCN) was
established in 1929 by Prof. Dr. Iuliu Moldovan, under the name of
“The Institute for Research and Prevention of Cancer”. It is one of the
first cancer centres in Europe. Starting with 1965, the Institute went
through a period of modernization, initiated by Professor Ion
Chiricuta. This is the reason why ever since 10.08.1990, it has borne
the name of “Ion Chiricuta” Oncology Institute.
During its 85 years of existence, the Oncology Institute has fulfilled a
major role in the oncologic care of patients from the entire country,
as well as in the conscience formation and cancer education of many
generations of physicians of the most diverse specialties.
The Institute of Oncology is a comprehensive cancer centre of
national public interest, with legal personality, subordinated to the
Ministry of Public Health. At the same time, the Institute provides
preventive, curative and palliative medical services in the oncology
field and carries out education and research activities.
In 2007, IOCN was the first oncology centre in Romania to become a
full member of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes
Our mission is to contribute to the decrease of effects that cancer has
in Romania. In this respect, we implement projects that deal with
patient care, prevention and research, the continuous education of
all professionals involved, as well as of the public.
Our vision for the future is to become the top cancer centre both at
national and regional level. This is entirely possible, considering the
quality of our organization, the excellence in patient care, the
research quality, as well as the education provided.